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Welcome to my website for my many books I have published through the years. The most popular being my vampire trilogy which has been named The Edge of Night Trilogy. However now I am more known for my Paranormal Thriller series The Kloe & Gavin Adventures. It is a spinoff of that trilogy I mentioned that brought me so many readers. I love this series because I get to indulge in the paranormal fantasy genre I love so much. Vampires,Werewolves and any creature I can dream up to add to the fun. This is not your normal series but I don’t make it so outlandous that readers can’t follow or lovers of this area of fiction rebel against it. I just write differently. I honor some traditional rules and yes create some new ones and even create some interesting methods and situations that others haven’t thought of yet. In this age of writing, tv and film its hard to say that. In a world where they compare a lot of vampire books to twilight, true blood and other popular iconic writings and shows, and movies its hard to stand out. I have managed to do it and I take pride in it and do my best to stay in my own bubble I guess so to speak.

So I created my website to put all the information about me in one place for you. Trust me there is a lot of information at times and I try to keep it updated but when you start writing or you are promoting a book you can end up being AWOL for a bit. Thankfully I have a great PA service who help me remember my brain now so this won’t happen anymore. They have a service called Double Trouble PA Service and they are on Facebook. You will see them acknowledged in my next book. They help me so much I swear I’d lose my brain if it weren’t attached. I released London Moon on June 26th, 2017 on Amazon Kindle. Shortly after I was signed by Wild Dreams Publishing so soon it will be available in print under their label as ¬†well as future installments. I have a certain man I use for the cover of the series and he is signed to do all the covers in the series. I have written other books in the past but I have never been as proud as I am of these books. I have such a loyal following and its still growing and I have never been so thankful of what I have as I am now in my life. So I hope you enjoy my site, check out the books, my links under contacts, my blog entries where I will occasionally showcase an author and their work, and also any news I have to offer you all. I do my best to have it all here at the touch of your fingers.


Sondra Hicks

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