2 New Book Releases


Endless_Roads_Cover_for_KindleBoth books are now on Amazon.com for $5.11 +S&H and also to other Amazon country sites. I try to keep the book costs low as I know everyone is not made of money. I am really happy to

Life_is_Funny_Cover_for_Kindle copy

be finally able to say published as I was unsure how long it would take. If you type “Sondra Hicks” into the search they will pop up all my books for your reading pleasure. Endless Roadsreally felt like an endless road writing it as it is all new poetry and shows another side to me and how I see things or how I am able to step into someone else’s shoes and see through their eyes.

As for Life is Funny I love making people laugh so I dug up all the jokes that made me laugh and put them into this 2nd volume for my readers since they seemed to enjoy the first one so much.


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