California Update

Well the Icon Master Minds Seminar went great on the 18th and I met loads of great people like Eric Zuley of EzWayBroadcasting and Dante Spears. I also met JP & Anjelika Joyce aka #CelebrityRPC and also Penny Lathem and Nick aka #CelebrityPizzaGuy. I met singers, actors, book publishers, and people from many fields. We networked and learned new things and I got some photos. I did a couple interviews, a live FB broadcast and the next day Jim Zuley and SJ Jones from #EzWay took me out with Penny and Nick to the Ports O’Call in San Pedro not sure if I got that right but it was amazing. Great food, music, drinks and conversation. The weather was nice and I got to see the Battleship Iowa. It was a magical few days. Just when I thought it was over and I was ready to go home a good friend “Flash” invited me to a red carpet invite for anti bullying something I am passionate about on December 1st. 

My friend Evelyn has let me stay with her this whole time in Long Beach and I will head back to Washington on December 3rd. Her and her cousin Robby have treated me like family and taken care of me. I am blessed to have had the experiences I have had so far and those to come.

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