Upcoming Books

This page is to keep you updated on my new books/short stories that are in the works.

Family Moon (The Kloe & Gavin Adventures #3)

Blurb coming soon!

Sexy Again (Erotic Short Story)

Desiree Quake is 42 years old, a mother of two, plus sized, and a widow. She led a very vanilla sex life with her husband but it was a happy one. Her daughter Dana has found true love with her girlfriend and checks in on her while her brother Julian ignores their mom since their father’s death. Desiree has ignored all her friend Cammy’s invitations to go out on dates and move on. Until she finally gives in and has a date with a date with someone where there aren’t any sparks. She thought the night was over until Her friend and her date decides to go out dancing and drag her along. What happens after that surprises even her. Rio Slade enters her life and the things he does and what he makes her do will heat up the sheets and blow her mind.

-Auctioned Off (Dark Erotic Short Story)

-Rainbow Painting (Erotic LGBTQ Short Story)

-Return to me (Time Travel Novel)

Sara Surviving (Erotic Short Story)

A story of a woman who was kidnapped and brutally beaten and raped. She is rescued by police but now she has to function in in the aftermath of her trauma. She meets a man who is kind but will be able to deal with her problems?  Only time will tell.


Vanilla Skys (Short Story)

A story about a father and daughter and their journey to a magical land


Dad and Daughter (DAD) Cookbook

A cookbook put together with all the favorites of mine and my father.

(Put on hold due to my fathers passing on March 18th, 2015)




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