Upcoming Books


This page is to keep you updated on my new books/short stories that are in the works.


London Moon

Kloe and Gavin are flying to London to visit and see its wonders. Will she stay away from trouble or will it find her? They encounter another wolf pack but will they be as kind as the last in Paris and as accepting of a Vampire & Wolf union? Also what magical things are in store for them?








Sara Surviving (Short Story)

A story of a woman who was kidnapped and brutally beaten and raped. She is rescued by police but now she has to function in in the aftermath of her trauma. She meets a man who is kind but will be able to deal with her problems?  Only time will tell.



Vanilla Skys (Short Story)

A story about a father and daughter and their journey to a magical land



Dad and Daughter (DAD) Cook book

A cookbook put together with all the favorites of mine and my father.

(Put on hold due to my fathers passing on March 18th, 2015)




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