A break from the norm

I just finished a short erotic story called ‘sisterly love’ and now I feel relaxed. Should I take a break, I mean I have 7 books and 3 short stories under my belt. Part of me wants to think up something new and I have started short stories and novels in the hanger that need attention but I just don’t feel it right now. I love to write though, and I know this mini vacation will be short lived. When you are a writer it is in your blood and you don’t stay away long. At least that is how I have experienced things in my days of writing. So what next, do I write maybe a little poetry, another erotic short story, or maybe something family friendly? My mind is a jumble of things to do, but part of me says to just sit and write and see what happens. I do a lot of that just sitting down and start rightly blindly and see where it takes me then I start writing down ideas and develop things. I tend to during times like this order my books and do drawings for my readers for signed copies and they tend to like it. I like doing it because it gives them the books and a thank you from me for reading and being loyal. Never know they can lend that book to a friend and then another reader is born. I will admit when you are an indie another at least for me sales aren’t the greatest, but I take what I can get. A dollar here and there adds up over time. So I smile and thank the readers I have because I am blessed because I know my stories are out there and not just sitting on my computer. My dad before he passed had every single one of my books and was proud of me. He died before he saw the last one though, and I dedicated it to him. I hope somewhere in heaven, he knows and is smiling, knowing I finally finished it for him. See we all have a lot of reasons we write our books and mine are many. I write for me, my readers, my family and because it gets that story out there. Thank you for reading my post

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