A Novel in 30 Days

I am accepting the fact this is really happening. I joined National Novel Writing Month (http://nanowrimo.org/) and we are on Day 6 and I am doing very well off to a large start. The novel I am writing is a spinoff from the vampire series involving Kloe (vampire) and Gavin (werewolf) which those who read “Awakening” got to know a bit. They are on their own and exploring the world, but run into trouble in Paris and Gavin meets a wolf pack, but will they be accepting of Kloe and him being in love. This book I hope will be as good as my other books were if not better. This writing a novel in 30 days for the month of November has pushed me and showed me I am capable of more than I thought. Normally a novel could take up to 6 months because I procrastinate. So lets see what happens when I work under the wire and I hope it is a great novel.

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