A Writers Mind *SPOILERS*

So I have been going through a bout of serious I cant figure out the plot to my own book. I was writing and some where in all the writing I lost track of the plot so I stopped work. Its embarrassing honestly to sit here and rack my brain and come up with nothing or when I do it hits to close to TV Shows or Movies. I want my books to be solid and new but I give others advice but for some reason my advice doesn’t help me. When your writing about vampires you have to create your own world and stay away from others that are already created. Thats where I am trying to finish creating my own rules and world for my vampires to live in. If I can manage that I can succeed in my journey of writing my book. I am so afraid of stepping to close to shows like True Blood or Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight and even Interview with a Vampire. The moment I catch myself doing this I shut down and work stops. So after I shut down the plot is lost in the process because I have no solid ground no world with my own rules.

My book Jessica’s Story a tale of a new vampire who is exploring her new life while being married to a older vampire. It is a 2nd book in a series where as the first book seemed so easy because she was human so the rules were easy to make up because she was learning about her suitor and deciding whether to step into his world. It was easy to compare and contrast. I am 20,000 words into writing the 2nd book as of right now and wondering what to do. Should I trust in my characters and write what I want and hope others see I am trying to create my own world and not duplicate anothers world? I have been sitting on this for over a week or more now and need to figure it out.

On another note I am trying to raise money for a library book donation fund which seems to be going slow. Either people don’t believe in the project, don’t trust my words, or are just broke but I wanted to tell everyone this is something I hold in my heart. I want to furnish the libraries yes with my books and yes it seems like self advertising but its meant to help readers who cannot afford the books. I cant tell you as a young adult how many times I wanted a new R.L. Stine or Christopher Pike book so I went to the library and read them all. Later in life I bought what I could and those writers are still some of my favorites to this day. What if those authors had not given their books to the libraries then what childhood memories would I have of sitting in a cozy library reading chapter after chapter taking in the words. Some of the greatest memories I have are in many libraries from Nevada to Washington State. So for me I want to do that for someone else help them make memories inside those walls. I may not always have the words to explain things but libraries cannot afford to buy all the new books thats why they live on donations and books cost money so I was hoping we could all work together and make this happen. If you cannot afford to help then help spread the word, share the link and tell others what we are trying to do.

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