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Author Sondra Hicks was born in Portland, Oregon as the youngest of 3 children. She grew up as a victim of child abuse and molestation suffering even a fractured wrist among some of the injuries starting at age 7 years old that has been document in x-rays as her mother never sought medical treatment for her and Sondra spent several years in the foster system as a child as did her older sister. When she was returned home her mother continued to abuse her. Her escape was writing poetry and later fictional stories one of which turned into her first fictional novel that is being re released in 2019 in the “Edge of Night Trilogy” that she co author with Larry Chappell as teenagers when they dated in High School and now are still friends.

Sondra has found inner strength and uses her disadvantages in life and pain to spread messages of healing to show others that nothing can hold you back in life and you are not defined by what others do to you. She does not believe in labels and stands up for those who do not have a voice and has been called an advocate against child abuse and domestic violence.

She donates to charities and organizations that do charitable work for those who need help or research to find cures to have a better quality of life. As a teenager she was bullied in High School and often singled out when she fought back and the school never reached out when they saw her own mother abusing her in their own parking lot jerking her to the asphalt by the roots of her hair.

“Strength is found inside when you speak from the heart but find your own voice is where it starts” — Sondra Hicks

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