Achieved My Goal

So I reached 50,000 words on and Paris Moon is nearly done. It’s a novel I have enjoyed writing. Here is a snip from the novel:

Kloe tried to stand on our own two feet and couldn’t her legs were shaking and weak. She tried to think of anything that could have done this to her and she was at a loss. The only things she had ingested was the food here at the pack house and the blood that was delivered to her by the bank. She doubted the food would have done this, but maybe the blood was tainted with something, but before she could tell them her thoughts she felt dizzy and fell back on the bed.

“Kloe don’t try and get up save your strength” Gavin told her

Kloe managed to smile at him

“The blood… I…” Kloe tried to tell them

“You need more one minute” Gavin went to get a bag, but Kloe held his arm. She shook her head no and he stopped.

“I think… its tain.. ted…” She told him. Gavin’s eyes got big and he almost ran over the doctor as he entered getting into the fridge pulling out the blood.

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