Awakening is Finished

After 8 months of waiting I finally finished ‘Awakening’ the third and last book in my vampire trilogy. I am happy because it took me a while.  I dedicated it to my father who pasted away this year in March. It took me a while to get back into writing after that. Completing this book became important to me because it was for him. Now that it’s done, I am focusing on publishing it. Then I guess I will focus on my short stories and finishing them. I have a few that have been on the back burner. I don’t plan on stopping writing, I might take a small break to rest my thoughts if I don’t jump back into writing. If you have ideas you know how that goes. You dont want to forget them so you sit down and write. Being a writer is exciting you make your own worlds and you live in them while you are writing. I know I need to keep my blog updated more. I am more then pleased I finished this last book because as I said it was for my dad because he believed in me more then anything. Then he passed away so I dedicated it to him. I answered a lot of questions in this last book to. Well That is all thank you for reading.

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