Awakening Sneak Peak *Spoiler*

– Here is a sneak peak into the first chapter of Awakening –

Why was this so hard to get her to understand? Jonathan stood on the balcony that night finding himself lost in the night air starring at the moon. Since Jessica had left to take time to sort her feelings out he found himself starring at the moon a lot lately shuffling through memories and tonight was no different. Tonight he was remembering how they had shared a kiss under the moon on this balcony and how scared she had been to show him how she felt and how scared she was of the monster within him. Tonight he prayed she was missing him as much as he was missing her. Part of him was hoping after Devon had talked to her that she would have come back in and talked to him so he could have explained. He knew she loved him but her words had stung that day like a stake to the heart. He knew she was angry and had lashed out at him and she had every right to.
He walked back into his empty house. He never noticed how much life Jessica brought to it just being there. He walked over to the phone and reached out to pick it up to call her and stopped. He knew she had to have her space or they would never have a chance to work this out. What he had done to her family was horrid and he wished he could take it back. He walked into the library and poured a drink and sat down sipping it and starring into the fire. He felt a tear slip down his face and he brushed it off and threw his glass into the fire causing the fire to roar to life. He got up to leave the room. He had to do something to win her back or he was going to go crazy in this empty house. He loved her and he had to remind her of that. He walked to his office and looked up floral companies and got on the phone to order flowers to send to Jessica. It was a small step but he was tired of waiting.

Jessica laid across Josette’s couch watching some old movie. It was some old sappy love story about the man fighting to win her heart. Honestly she was bored she was about to turn it off when Josette came in.
“Really sappy old romances Jess? Why don’t you just go talk to him.” Josette told her
“I don’t know if I can talk to him. What he did could have destroyed my family. I almost lost my mom, my sister got locked up and not to mentioned he killed my dad and tried to make it look like a suicide. That is not easy to forgive” Jessica told her getting up to a sitting position.
“So your just going to lay here? You do have a job still and I think Devon has been pretty understanding with you about your absence. You have to move forward and figure things out like if you plan on working things out with Jon.” Josette told her
“Josette please don’t push me into talking to him I am just not ready. I wanted to stake himself just being in the room with him only reason I didn’t try was because I love the sick bastard.” Jessica said looking away
“Jess I am not saying forgive him but what will talking hurt? I know you love him and if that is true then give him the chance to talk” Josette told her
“When I’m ready I will” Jessica said in a huff getting up to go to the kitchen.
There was a knock at the door and Jessica made no move to answer it. So rolling her eyes Josette got up to answer the door. Jessica didn’t turn around instead she poured herself a drink emptying the blood bag. As she turned around Josette set down 12 dozen long stemmed roses with a card.
“I think he is tired of waiting to because I bet these are from Jon and he wants to talk.” Josette told her
“Well they are pretty but I wont be bought off with roses.” Jessica told her
“Well I cant support you and me on my blood supply. Girl you drink more then I do and that’s saying something. I think its time you went and talked girl cause your driving me nuts being depressed around her all the time.” Josette told her
“You just want me gone so you can bring Devon over and get nasty” Jessica said with a smile
“Really Jess there is more to life then men and maybe I would like to bring him over once in a while if there wasn’t a love sick vampire on my couch.” Josette said walking to the phone.
“Who are you calling at this hour?” Jessica asked
“Your driver you are going to at least talk to the guy.” Josette told her
Jessica immediately grabbed the phone and hung it up. No I am not giving in to this what he did is beyond wrong and I am not ready.” Jessica told her
“Well I want my house back so you had better do it soon before I throw your vampire ass to the curb all this love sickness is making me sick” Josette told her with a smile
Jessica looked at the flowers and grabbed the card and opened it. “I’m Sorry, Can we talk please?” she set the card down and felt a tear slide down her cheek. She loved him so much and this was so hard being away from him but she was so hurt. She wanted to run back and make it all go away but she knew she couldn’t face him there was so much anger she felt. Maybe it was time she finally let him talk and explain himself but what if his explanation wasn’t good enough then what? She loved him but how do you live with someone you hate but love at the same time.

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