Back in the Groove

Well, I have been writing on a new novel. I won’t go into to much detail on it as I am hoping with all the research and plotting going into that it will work out. It’s a matter of wording it just right to make it work. I am the writer, so what I think may seem to be not working may actually sound good. Writers are their own worst critics. I am also working on a BDSM short erotic story that has been set aside for a bit that I am trying to get finished. I work well with multiple projects because if I am stuck on one I can work on the other. Getting back into writing wasn’t easy takes a bit to get the muscles working again. I love writing because it’s a way to escape into a world where I create the rules. I have had some ask me for advice and I love offering it based on my experience as an independent author. It has its ups and downs, but in the end its worth it even if the paycheck is small for the time being. I enjoy my small base of readers because its better then nothing. Maybe one day it will be a bigger crowd, but until then I am happy.

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