Book Donation Fund

I recently started up a Book Donation Fun on GoFundMe. Basically I am asking for donations so I can donate my books to libraries in my area and spread out from there. I want the public to be able to read them even if its for free by renting them from the library. To me its not all about how many sales I get its about making the readers happy. Also if there are any funds left over I would like to help out my fellow indie writers by donating the funds to them should they need it to possibly do what I am doing or such.

I am not looking to get rich or make a huge name for myself. I just want the readers to be happy and have access to the books. Maybe in the future I can help other indie writers do what I am doing. Since I am an indie writer I am not paying to publish my work therefore there is no costs to me except the time I took to write it which was fun. I believe in paying it forward so I hope others will help me and see the potential in my project.


Thank you

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