Princess Dracula Swag

I had to post my pictures of this great Zip up hoodie advertising John Patrick Kennedy’s  book “Princess Dracula” which is #1 on Amazon Kindle currently. I won this from his swag party online and I have to say he has a great personality and he loves his readers. He gives out amazing swag items to his readers at online parties. His writing is amazing and the Princess Dracula series is a whole new take on vampires. It will blow your mind on how creative he is. I have read so many vampire books and never read anything like his or close. Its refreshing and being I write in the same genre and subject I was blown away. If you love vampires then you need to pick up a copy for your kindle.

CLICK HERE to go to Amazon to get your copy.


You may have noticed some changes on the my website. Basically I have added a mailing list to my newsletter that I am setting up that will offer a free book to those who sign up. I will use the newsletter for giveaways, updates, and eventually I will start asking for people who can get free copies who will review my books through the newsletter. There will be benefits to this and I want to thank you all ahead of time.  Thank you

Book Publishing 

I am sitting here pondering  things. Those of us authors who have been in this writing, editing and publishing game for a while know about setbacks. I know we are supposed to take it on the chin and get up and keep going this I will. I found however getting London Moon to the publisher is taking so long due to so many setbacks. Some of these being my fault and some others. I also find life in general can throw a wrench in things. So when the day finally gets here and I get to release the novel in the series is will be overjoyed. When I get discouraged I think how sweet that moment will be and I find my strength and faith and carry on. I love writing for all of you and for me. Thank you