Getting There Slowly

Writing is an art it takes time. However once you envision how you want your story to end you get antsy. I have to force myself to pace myself. Don’t rush the ending and shorten the story and short change the readers and myself. I write out the ideas I have and it plays like a movie in my head. My friend and also an author E.F. Turner told me a trick to help writers block of laying on my bed and closing my eyes to focus on a movie playing in my head and then write down what I saw. This has helped me a lot and I recommend it to other writers. Also I found turning on music that relates to the theme of my story can inspire me. I noticed Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and others have inspired chapters in my books. Just remembering what its like to be a teen and have your own mind and the future laid out before you is helpful. Sometimes going back can really set your mind free to write.

So As I sit and write I find myself not being able to wait for the finish because I want to read it all the way through in completeness. I have a few readers I recruited whom I trust reading the story unfinished to make sure I haven’t gone off track and everything looks good or if I need to develop the story more on something. I know you all know how much this book means because it is my first step into an area of writing I have never gone before. I hope you all like it when its released and tell your friends. Hugs and Love to all my Readers and Friends.

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