In Time For Christmas

One_Vampires_Tale_Cover_for_Kindle“One Vampires Tale” which was released 6/1/2014 of this year. It is a tale of a young girl who is stalked by a vampire who is in love with her from the moment he lays eyes on her for his own reasons.  She has to see past his demons and see the face of the man if she can ever love him.

jessicasstorycover2I know I am posting a week before Christmas but on 12/9/14 I released “Jessica’s Story” Book 2 in my vampire series I have been writing. It picks up a short while after where the first book leaves off and tells a tale according to Jessica and other vampires and her family. Since Jessica has a new life she keeps a diary and writes her thoughts about what is going on so the reader can better understand her state of mind. There are new characters introduced and new rules. Jessica has to navigate this new world and learn if she wants to protect the ones she loves and become who she is meant to be.

There is a 3rd book in works so I saw enjoy and check out the books on


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