Journeys End

Sitting here in the wee hours of Sunday morning not knowing what to write next. ‘One Vampires Tale” is at the my editors who is proof reading it for errors or things we need to change. The long journey is coming to an end on that book. Kind of strange waking up grabbing a cup of coffee and not sitting down to write about Jessica and Jonathan’s story. Instead  I am left with “what to do next” running through my mind. It takes so much out of you when you write a novel. You never notice how much until you are done and write that final chapter. Part of me is saying wait and see if the public likes my novel and if so maybe write another like it or just sit back and be happy with it. Being so close to my journeys end though is hard because I want to deliver it to my fans with no delay but I want to deliver the best to you all.

I really hope you all enjoy this book because I put my heart into making it perfect

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