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Family Moon (The Kloe & Gavin Adventures #3)

Can’t reveal anything yet!

Return to me (Time Travel Novel)

Emily wakes up in 2004 and realizes she has gone back in time. Weirder yet of all places, she is outside her old apartment in a car. She has no memory of how she got there and does the way thing that anyone would want to. She approaches herself but not close enough to touch. She interacts with herself and her family and manages to win their trust but soon finds there are men looking for her in dark suits. Who are they and why do they want her? Do they know how she got in 2004? Better yet do they know how she can get back to 2030? She doesn’t know who to trust after a series of events that nearly take her life. It’s a game of cat and mouse and her time is running out to home. Her lost memories hold the key. Would you try to change your past? Even if it was against the rules?

Shades of Grey
This is a look into the life of a young girl with bi-polar. You journey with her as she learns how to live with her diagnosis and how she copes with almost dying during a suicide attempt and the problems she has mentally. She is not sure how she fits in the world around her and how to communicate her feelings to those that love her. She has to learn to control herself and function in the world around her that doesn’t understand what she is going through.

vanillaskysVanilla Skys (Fantasy Short Story)

Victoria was a child of divorce who loved her father dearly and her mother used that against her. Her mother was wealthy and fake like so many in the wealthy world. Victoria had to dress properly and be the perfect child in her mother’s presence but when she was at her father’s she got a be a child. Not only that but her father and her shared a secret place. It was hidden in a long painting in the hallway of his apartment and in this land with mystical creatures they found joy and escape.

A story about a father, a daughter and their journey to a magical land




Dad and Daughter (DAD) Cookbook

A cookbook put together with all the favorite eats of mine and my father.

(Put on hold due to my fathers passing on March 18th, 2015)




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