My Novel

One Vampires Tale has been a journey for me. I have been learning more about my ability to write and just what I can really do. I run into days where I find it hard to write and sometimes days can be a week. That’s the joy of being a writer, but I love it. My main characters I find I have left a piece of me in them. Whether its a sassy line or a don’t give up attitude. I find myself getting lost in my writing. Not so lost that I loss the topic or go off in the wrong direction. This book will be a landmark for me a stepping stone in a direction I have never taken before. I want to be able to say I did it. I finished a book I started as a teenager. Whether its sales or not really doesn’t matter that deeply because I will have finished the story. Writing is hard work and the time it takes away from spending with loved ones well lets just say it’s a lot. There is one thing I have to say I am starting to build some great readers. You support me and you follow me on Facebook and twitter. You interact with me and that is more than I could ever ask for. So while sales may not be skyrocketing that’s ok because I have my small group of readers. Eventually things could change and I love to look forward to that day.

I have 5 books published now, which is more than most people do. So for your support I say thank you and keep on reading.

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