New Poetry Book

“A Lifetime Of Poetry” will be coming out in a matter of 3-4 weeks or maybe even sooner. The book has many beautiful poems and even a few adult rated poems. In fact here is a sample poem from the book.


I Want You To Want Me


I want you to hold me

So tight in your arms

To whisper you love me

And you will protect me from harm


I want you to kiss me

And show me your passion

To make me feel sexy

That this can still happen


I want us to cuddle together

To hold each other tight

To fall asleep together so at ease

Like it was like this every night


I want you to want me

Like you did when we met

To be each-others rock

When the times are tough


I want to be that perfect wife

That has everything you need and want

But I know I’m lacking

So tell me what you truly want


Should I give up?

Should I just be silent?

And live with this pain

Or should I be open

And fight for your love

To make a change


I want you to want me

I will scream it loud

Dammit hear me

I need you to show me

You can see the pain

I need you to show me

You love me still

And want me still all the same



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