News on Book Translation

I have spent the last two weeks at Starlite Swapmeet signing books and meeting my readers. I was surprised by the many requests from the Hispanics for me to translate my books into Spanish. I was told if I did so they would be more willing to buy as that is their native language. Their children for many were translating for them and as some you know I will try to do most anything to make my readers happy. The swapmeet is mainly accessed by Hispanics and I have met some wonderful people and I could not say no to them. So I searched the internet and asked around and found a publisher who could help me that has many translators on staff. I am hoping by this new relationship that we can translate and get the books out to these wonderful people. Currently I have asked a few translators to look at my books and I am awaiting replies and it may take a few days or longer as nothing is quick in this industry especially something like this as it will take time to do it right. I want the best for my readers and nothing less. I will admit I am really excited and anxious so I check my messages on the publishers site daily for a response. As soon as I know anything though you can bet I will let you my loyal readers know. This is the beginning of something wonderful and may eventually move into other languages to reach other readers but one step at a time for now.

A side note I will be signing books every Saturday until further notice inside the swapmeet at booth E5-E6. I hope to meet you all there so stop by and say hello.

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