Novella & Short Story

Well Paris Moon is out in paperback and eBook and I have seen a few sales. My own mother bought a copy and is raving about how much she loves it. She wants to see more and as usual I am up to the task but it will take a while as I cant disappoint. I love writing and bringing people into the worlds I create. The vampire stories I write seem to be adored by many so it gives me fuel to keep writing. I am planning a new novella called “London Moon” for our characters Kloe and Gavin to explore the lovely city of London and see what mysteries and adventures they have in store. Well there be danger well we will have to see but knowing Kloe her good heart gets here in trouble at times. I enjoy coming up with there adventures because I get to be creative and seeing the readers love the story is amazing.

I am also working on a short story and yes it has erotic elements but it has a serious element to it also that I hope readers will see and enjoy. Its called “Sara Surviving” a story about a girl who was kidnapped brutally beaten, raped and is rescued by police before the capture could kill her. Now she must survive in the world and heal and she romance come into the future and has trouble with it. I wont say much more because I dont want to give to much away but it is a good story I think many will enjoy.

So as you can see I am keeping busy bring new books and short stories to my readers. I love you all

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