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I am writing again about vampires of course. So soon after publishing my last book “Awakening” I need something to refuel me and keep me going. Since its new I am struggling with an idea with it, but I know I will find my way like I did with my other books. Here is a sample:


She pulled him closer to her feeling his heart beating slower and slower. She knew she was close to killing him, but she didn’t care she was hungry. She hadn’t fed in days and this bum was all she could find. So she lay behind a garbage dumpster, taking every last drop of this dying mans blood uncaring if he died in her arms. She could turn him, but then she would have a whinny newborn following her around and she worked solo. No this one would die and she didn’t care because he was no one.

“You know leaving dead bodies leaves a trail” a voice came from out of the night

Shit someone had seen her. She tossed the body and jumped to her feet in attack mode.

“I don’t want to fight you Darla but I would like to invite you to come with me” the voice told her

“Where are you coward” she said standing up

“I am right behind you” the voice told her

She turned around to find a man in a trench coat and boots. He was about 6 feet tall and smelled like blood. He was a vampire like herself. He had fed recently also.

“The rule is to leave them alive so you can feed on them another time whether its tomorrow or the next day you will need to learn this and not be so greedy” he told her walking past her kicking the homeless mans shoe who now lay there dead.

“How do you know my name?” Darla asked

“You are sloppy that’s why” he told her

“What do you want?” Darla asked

“As I said I am extending an invite for you to come with me but you will need to clean up. You smell like garbage” the man told her

“Why should I go with you?” Darla asked

“Because if you don’t you will get staked eventually and I will show you how to survive among the humans, which you apparently were never taught” he said

“Fine but the first shifty thing I see I am out” Darla told him

“Follow me then” he told her

Darla followed him to a van which he opened and stood waiting for her to get inside. She looked inside curious and when she saw no traps or henchmen she climbed in. He walked around and got in the drivers seat and started the van and they began their journey to where ever he was taking her.

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