Self Publishing Sites

I was among many wondering what sites I could get self published for free and get my work in places like the iTunes iBooks, Kindle, Paperback versions and even be in stores like Barnes and Noble. Well here is a list of places I have been using that allow me to do just that.

On the right of my page you may have noticed a CreateSpace advertisement that is the place I publish for free to get my books in paperback and they also deal in Audio Cd, MP3, DVD and Video Download. This site allows the artist to self publish with no cost to them. I have had my earnings from sales deposited right into my checking account and I am shown where the sales come from. if your interested click the graphic to the right and it will take you to their site. They send your book all to bookstores online and sites like and also list it on amazon kindle.

Another site that deals in eBook is they are free and you can publish for free through them to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Oyster, Kobo, txtr. I have made some revenue on that site and my friend E.F. Turner makes a steady income of at least $200-500 a month off her books. Just tell them sent you.

Lastly I just started using Google Play Books Partner Center which put my books for free right into the Android market which a lot of phones and some tablets run on. Since I just started I don’t have a lot to say yet but starting up was pretty easy once you get your information in and start adding your books. Plus there staff was super friendly and helpful when I needed it.

In a age where we are living with so much debt and high expenses it helps to save a penny or two and I hope this posts helps a few budding authors find the way to publishing.

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