LA Event Update

I wanted to update on how things were progressing towards the trip to LA for the private event that got me into. I want to thank Eric Zuley from ezway for that. Also, everyone who has donated to my trip Jeff Spenard of, Denice Riddle, Cassandra Becerra and Evelyn Turner who is letting me stay at her house in Long Beach. I love you all and appreciate your help. I will be broadcasting on the Peeks Social App for android and iPhones during this trip which I live for on the 16th of November.

If you are interested in donating visit

Book Research

In this live broadcast I talk about researching a for a book. I talk about resources like wikipedia, books, amazon kindle and more. The subject of the research I talk about is mainly vampires but I touch lightly on werewolves also. I do have a small few minutes where I talk about losing my $119 bluetooth and its safe return and at the end I sing a small bit as a few viewers requested it in message from me in earlier broadcasts. Please enjoy