All about the Books Broadcast

I wanted to talk about the Vampire Trilogy, The Kloe & Gavin Adventures and my Erotic Short Stories. Also discussed shortly about London Moon and the next novel in the series and whats going on with and some things to expect. I talked more about the translation project and my upcoming Drawing to win a free signed copy of One Vampires Tale on my Facebook page. I had a nice turn out of viewers and interacted with them. Yes I am wearing makeup as I wanted you all to see that I do sometimes clean myself up and look somewhat professional. I enjoy these broadcasts and will try to do more to keep you all updated on whats going on with my books and happenings.

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Vampire Series

Well to start off I am still working on Jessica’s Story & The Intruder is on the back burner while I work on my novel. I have given myself a deadline of Christmas to try and get Jessica’s Story done. While I hope and pray I can get it done by then I know I still have a ways to go. I am writing more and more with each session. I find listening to what I call Sondra’s Playlist which are songs I listened to when I wrote the first book keeps me on task to not lose the emotions between characters. I stop and put my ear buds in and click play and I become lost in the music and begin writing with the soundtrack. Sometimes I have to skip songs because of the scenes I am in but I find it works for me. We all have our own ways of writing and this is mine.  I also have been fighting severe arthritis in my lower back and other damage. So sometimes sitting and writing gets interrupted. I am hoping that my readers of the book one of my vampire series will love book two. I am trying to stay on track but my mind has already been toying with ideas for book three. This meaning i have an idea for the ending of book two. So we will see how things go and if I can complete this book on time and if the fans and readers love it. For now I will keep writing.