Release of London Moon

Released June 26th, 2017 on Amazon Kindle

Gavin has learned a dark secret about Kloe Rice. It appears things have changed within her more than he thought. Gavin puts it aside and together they travel to London as the second stop on their trip to see the world. When they arrive in London things do not go as according to plan. For starters, Kloe is the only vampire on the streets of London. A local wolf pack leader may be the key to her answers as to why. She will find though everyone in London like many places she has traveled aren’t friendly to her kind but will her kindness and personality be enough to win them over when she needs those most?

Doctor Sean knows the secret about Kloe and wishes to study her in his laboratory. So he has Kloe kidnapped one morning and brought to him. While she is there he learns she is indeed pregnant which shouldn’t even be possible for Kloe and Doctor Sean wants the Answers…

If You Like Vampires & Werewolves You’ll Love This Book

This is the second book in the Kloe and Gavin Adventures series. In the first book about their world adventures they visited Paris. In this book they continue their travels and are in London. Kloe is a vampire and Gavin a lone werewolf who are in love. They haven’t found the acceptance from other vampires and werewolves that they expected. Lots of secrets between the two. The drama and action intensify when Kloe is kidnapped by the Dr and he discovers the impossible. She is pregnant. No spoiler here, but it’s a great story if you like reading about vampires and werewolves. Which I don’t especially but I even enjoyed this book.

Action Filled

If you enjoy stories of vampires battling werewolves, this book is for you. If you enjoy a love story of two opposites attracting, this book is for you. It was a nice enjoyable read with lots of suspense and action, as well as strong characters, all doing their best to survive and get along with one another, which of course, leads to more adventures.

Excellent Paranormal Read

I love paranormal books and this one is no exception. Beautifully written with great characters, London Moon will keep you engaged from page one until the end. If you enjoy paranormal reads, pick this one up and enjoy it!!!

Really Good Book, I Don’t Normally Read This Genre Of…

Really good book, I don’t normally read this genre of book but I was intrigued by the book from start to finish. I would recommend it.


Book Publishing 

I am sitting here pondering  things. Those of us authors who have been in this writing, editing and publishing game for a while know about setbacks. I know we are supposed to take it on the chin and get up and keep going this I will. I found however getting London Moon to the publisher is taking so long due to so many setbacks. Some of these being my fault and some others. I also find life in general can throw a wrench in things. So when the day finally gets here and I get to release the novel in the series is will be overjoyed. When I get discouraged I think how sweet that moment will be and I find my strength and faith and carry on. I love writing for all of you and for me. Thank you

All about the Books Broadcast

I wanted to talk about the Vampire Trilogy, The Kloe & Gavin Adventures and my Erotic Short Stories. Also discussed shortly about London Moon and the next novel in the series and whats going on with and some things to expect. I talked more about the translation project and my upcoming Drawing to win a free signed copy of One Vampires Tale on my Facebook page. I had a nice turn out of viewers and interacted with them. Yes I am wearing makeup as I wanted you all to see that I do sometimes clean myself up and look somewhat professional. I enjoy these broadcasts and will try to do more to keep you all updated on whats going on with my books and happenings.

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