All about the Books Broadcast

I wanted to talk about the Vampire Trilogy, The Kloe & Gavin Adventures and my Erotic Short Stories. Also discussed shortly about London Moon and the next novel in the series and whats going on with and some things to expect. I talked more about the translation project and my upcoming Drawing to win a free signed copy of One Vampires Tale on my Facebook page. I had a nice turn out of viewers and interacted with them. Yes I am wearing makeup as I wanted you all to see that I do sometimes clean myself up and look somewhat professional. I enjoy these broadcasts and will try to do more to keep you all updated on whats going on with my books and happenings.

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Book into a Movie?

So I have been hearing my readers, friends and even myself asking when will this be made into a movie? This being my vampire trilogy (One Vampires Tale, Jessica’s Story, and Awakening) and I saw an opportunity recently thanks to a good friend named Eric Zuley #EZWay and was introduced to a director/producer who I asked if I could send my books to and he said yes. So the wheels are turning and I have a opportunity if I can raise $15k he will foot the rest. Before you say scam let me tell you I checked things out and he ┬áhas made it clear I wanted in LA for filming. So I started a gofundme after I exhausted every lending and bank option I had. So I am asking all the readers, future readers, movie goers, friends to please give a few dollars or share the gofundme with someone who might and lets make the first book “One Vampires Tale” hit the screen. A few people have already donated and as soon as I get a few dollars I will put a few in to show I am not expecting a free ride.

Turn One Vampires Tale into a Movie