Erotic Shorts & BDSM

I am working on my 3rd erotic short story and this one is centered around the BDSM world. I have had to enter into this world to do research and while I am only dipping toes to learn about it I find there is a romance to it. While some think its all about whips and chains thats only scratching the surface. There is a beauty to it. There is a Master/Slave area and then a area where someone makes you their pet but being a pet is filled with romance. You feel a connection to who is your pet. I found when a submissive is collared it is special thing and can be more like a marriage. The collar and ring binds them being the dom and the sub. A love forms that is so deep that the sub would do anything the Dom asks of them without hesitation or complaint. A good example would be when he tells you not to climax and he will torment you until you beg to climax. This is 99% percent emotional and mental over sexual. This about accepting who you are and accepting your sexuality and being comfortable in your own skin and having a Dom who help you do that. There is nothing more pleasing to sub then pleasing her DomĀ and hearing the words “Good Girl”

This world is amazing and is filled with people like you or me. Everyday people enter into this world as it is rather popular. There tastes in styles of fetishes are all different such as some enjoy wrapping themselves in plastic and talked dirty to. Some enjoy a more intense mind altering experience through Erotic hypnosis or even Total Power Exchange. This world has something different to offer each person.