Novel K&GA Update

I wanted to release the cover to the 2nd installment of The Kloe & Gavin Adventures. I am hoping the readers will be as proud of it as we are. I know I said we and I am saying that because there is now a 2nd author joining me on this series. We will write together and bring the best stories to you as possible. We had to let the original editor go on this series and she didn’t take it well. So now we are doing it all in house together. I am waiting on my co author to finalize things and make some minor changes and then it will be set up for pre-sell and we will also have a release date. We love our readers and hope you will love this novel.

Short Stories & Up Coming Books

BeachRomanceCoverI have recently begun writing short erotic romance stories. “Beach Romance” which is currently for sale was a piece I was rather proud of and is leading the way for other shorts I smalltownromancebkcoveram working on such as “Small Town Romance”. I am finding they are easier to tell about small stories I have in my mind and may eventually lead to a novel.

I am in the works of doing another volume to my “Life is Funny” book collection since I love to tell jokes.






Also, there is a cookbook called “DAD Cookbook” which stands for Dad & Daughter Cookbook that is in the works and will be a while as we are working on the photography and adding more recipes as we remember them. This is a collection of our favorites.