Update on Novel

“Paris Moon” is coming along nicely and will be completed by the end of this month. I am very proud of myself and the work I am putting into this novel. I write because I love to do it. Also, I love to share it all with you my readers. I try to give you what you ask for. This writing experience this month has soon me how much determination I have inside of me and how much I can really do if I really put my foot down and stick to it. I got stuck at points but I read what I wrote and was impressed and got back on track. Another thing I am proud of is my cover, Anyone who knows me knows I do all my covers myself. I dont like having to throw out money and try to explain my visions to others when I have the tools and know how to do it myself. I had someone ask me to do a cover for them and I had to tell them it would have to wait until the end of this month. I have in the past done covers for authors such as E.F. Turner who is a close personal friend of mine. Capturing a vision is hard and well it can be a tall order so think about that when you go to get a cover. Well thats all for now just the ramblings of a indie author

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