Writing Zone

So things are moving slowly on the last novel in the vampire series due to my father passing away. I promise though I will try to work on it little by little. Time heals all wounds they say and I know this is true because I am going through it. I have an outline of how I want the book to end but I have been known to stir off the beaten path from time to time so honestly even I dont know how the book will end. I have a short story I am working on that Is half way done and is with a friend who is offering me advice on how to proceed. Its good to have friends like that too can offer advice and their thoughts because sometimes you find that they have the same ideas you do and you find out you are not as far off the path as you thought you were. Best thing is I always have more than one iron in the fire to keep me busy. I just need to find my zone to get into to start writing again.

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